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Better Compete Than Fight : Digital Marketing Ethics
  • 01 March 2019

Try not to become a man of success ,rather become a man of value is a striking quote of Albert Einstein. In a world of Digital marketing , competitions are much necessary to establish a business brand.

But have you ever think  of the moral sides in competing with your business opponent? If not , have an eye on Einstein quote, be a brand of value in society not just success.

Top marketing companies in India  are doing better performance in healthy competition  for their brands without crossing moral limits to quick success.

How to be Ethical in Digital Marketing?

1.Uphold your Corporate Value  : The vision and mission that guides your  company brand should reflect in the strategies of digital marketing.

They determine where your marketing ad is displayed and never serve on websites or networks with conflicting moral values.

2.Keep up Customer Trust:  Use of personal data will affect the relationship customers have with business brand . So always make sure you have the permission before breach into customers social media  timeline or notification box.

3.Don’t be Evil  to Do the Right Thing:  Even  google changed their slogan of code of conduct from Don’t be Evil to Do the right thing, digital marketing agencies should have the guts ,not to do defaming ads or fake news against their  business competitors.

4.Focus on Work Quality:  Never compromise on the work quality for cheap profits.

Quality pays you sustainable results to your brand. Copyright contents and fresh ideas make you the best brand through digital marketing.

A Corporate Thief or An Inspiring Brand

Decide yourself , are you a corporate thief  who hacks millions of customer data or an inspiring brand who establish success with goodwill and customer customers?

In an age where even War and peace talks are controlled by  mobile rooms it’s a hard job to be ethical in digital marketing profession. But apart from success and failures your business brand value will never get damaged ,if you follow an ethical digital marketing.

Always great people have great values and great ethics. Have a great life.


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