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Cyber Crimes In India : Know The Don’t Pick Apples Of Cyber Paradise
  • 27 May 2019

Any criminal activities carried out by means of  computers or the internet is defined as cyber crimes in India. Digital marketing companies in India are working under the strong guidelines put forward by cyber crime department of government.

In a society, where technology and social media  networks strongly influence the behavior of people, the crimes are deeply rooted in cyberspace. Let’s know the don’t pick apples of cyber paradise controlled by cyber laws in India.

Don’t Pick Apples of Cyber Paradise


  • Hacking : Unlawful access to another computer system
  • Identity theft : Unlawful use of another person’s personal information
  • Cyber Stalking :  Repeated pursuit of person using electronic or internet devices
  • Hate Speech Online  : Spreading of violence and hatred ideas online
  • Financial Frauds : Frauds in online banking and all online financial scams
  • Phishing : Online identity theft to steal confidential financial details
  • Cyber Terrorism : Act of internet terrorism
  • Child Pornography : Any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor


Among the cyber crimes,financial frauds are much common now. Many lose their amount from debit/credit card through fake calls and SMS. Even though many have literacy, cyber literacy is less and that gives more space for the extra brain hackers in the cyber world to steal personal information and money easily.

Top digital marketing companies in India  are handling many socially responsible campaigns against the cyber crime attacks and thus protecting our people safe on internet. Cyber crime department of police is doing a great service in identifying and controlling cyber crimes .


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