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Hot Jobs in Digital Marketing Industry: Career Opportunities 2019
  • 13 May 2019

Digital marketing industry has grown to an established business with specializations and expert strategists who manage thousands of employees under different designations.

So what are the hot jobs digital marketing companies in India offer you?

Have a look at different career opportunities in digital marketing which can boost up your taste and talents.

Digital Marketing Designations

  • Chief in charge of Digital Marketing: Senior most profile in this domain, who will inform the head of marketing for overall marketing functionality in company and leads the team.
  • Digital Marketing Strategist/ Analyst: For SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and Strategic and Analytical roles there are a need of skilled professionals. Analyst or strategist handles such jobs effectively.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist: After getting reasonable experience at least 2 years in a field like SEM or SEO, you will get hike to a specialist profile like SEO Expert or SEM Expert or Content Marketing Expert or Community Lead. You would have the authority to take lots of independent decisions.
  • Digital Marketing Executive: Starting of your career will be as an executive to work under a team leader or manger and do jobs such as research, testing, content development etc.

Specialized Jobs in Digital Marketing

  • Analytics Manager
  • Copy Writer/Content Writer
  • Digital Market Manager and Web manager
  • CRM and E mail Marketing Manager
  • Digital agency Account Manager and Sales Director
  • E Commerce Manager
  • Search Manger/SEO Manger
  • Social Media Manager or Community Manger
  • Web developer and Web Designer
  • PPC Search Manger

As Michel Jordan said “Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championship”. Digital Marketing career is great championship of competing business brands. So great team work and mutual respect of team members is essential for successful results.

Top digital marketing company in India have teams specialized in each area of digital marketing to discuss, analyze and work together for better ROI in business marketing and sales growth.

No one of us is smart as all of us, so move together and become successful in digital marketing career.

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