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How To Survive Algorithm Updates ? Google’s Advice
  • 07 August 2019

Recent times SEO analysts are over worried about  frequent Google Search Algorithm updates. Some of them are core updates which can brainstorm the heads of SEO strategist to revive their plans and methodologies.

While I was checking my mail inbox, Neil Patel’s new mail struck my eyes. He shares and discuss about google’s latest article to SEO searchies ( like techies new name for SEO analysts) how to survive algorithm changes?

Google Tips To Survive Algorithm Updates

  • Pages that are thorough and answer all parts of users search are likely to rank more. 
  • Contents need to have more to offer than your competitor is producing, ideas should be fresh and new without duplicate facts.
  • Focus on user experience with headlines, only 2 out of 10 read the contents of the topic 8 out of 10 users just go through the headlines.
  • Google prefer ranking brands, so give priority to the user first then SEO. Make users to love your content , product and service which can make you a brand.
  • Creating fake news can hurt your websites. If you are an expert author , build trust by connecting users to you bio information pages and similar posts.

  • Spend time on the overall experience of the content. Check your content for  spelling and grammar errors. From custom graphics to images, videos and podcasts make sure content you published is polished where users love to enjoy.
  • According to google, 60% of the searches are from mobile devices so create your content as mobile and tablet friendly.
  • Write for human’s first not for google, then you will have superior contents which helps you to rank on the top ten results.

Digital marketing companies in Kerala, says search engine like google never understand the content the way human beings do. They look for signals like click- through-rates or how many people hit the back button , bounced from the page etc .

Google updates are for better search results to users like us, so the new methodology you can adopt in SEO is to think and act like a user then you can be the leader. 

If you act like an expert and never sense the end users pulse you will have to sit aside , working hard for unfruitful SEO plans.

Be positive and have a good time in SEO analysis, love the people and they will love back. 

Business and money comes only through true love towards a definite goal, all others will disappear when a new update happen.

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