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Huawei Launches New OS Harmony : Will It Say Goodbye To Android?
  • 11 August 2019

The second largest smartphone maker in the world, Huawei unveils the news and launch of much awaited new Operating system Harmony. 

The US ban of Chinese smartphone from using the service of Google, and the companies stand to replace the Google’s Android OS and applications if necessary , ultimately give birth to another OS to the Tech world named Harmony or Hongmeng in China .

New Harmony OS Features 

  • Harmony is a MicroKernel –  based distributed OS
  • Open source platform and can be used from Smartphones, Smart Speakers, Wearables and in vehicle system to create a shared ecosystem
  • Released as an Open Source platform
  • Develop your apps and flexibly deploy them on a range of devices easily

Web designing companies in India and Mobile App companies in many Asian countries are eagerly waiting for the new harmony OS, while both IOS and Android are now charging amount for their most popular applications.

Technology survey of 2019 August says that, “ Among the top smartphone makers in the world Samsung comes first , Huawei second, Opp third and Apple and Xiaomi comes fourth and fifth positions respectively.” 


Will Harmony OS Say Good Bye To Android?

Android owned by Google is still the most popular operating system among smartphone users , anyway when technologies and devices are replacing   markets day by day.

We can expect a replacement of Android if Harmony OS is widely accepted than Android with exciting features. Windows OS which failed to meet the mobile users expectation is also a challenge  to Huawei in creating the best performance OS.

Expectations Of Smartphone Users

The competition in the technology market  can be utilized by smartphone users as they get more range of choices and replacement options if they find one brand is not satisfactory.

Technology by itself doesn’t make true leaders. Technology only amplifies the true leadership. 

Let’s hope new true leaders come into power in the technology market who never  accelerate the market by swallowing brilliant idea companies and expanding but establishing a user friendly brand by their own research and products.


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