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Motion Graphics : How Motion Videos Boost Digital Marketing?
  • 09 August 2019

It was a surprise for me when my younger sister asked me, brother don’t you have a Netflix subscription ? 

Actually that question took me to walk some extra miles to the wider possibilities and impacts of videos on the young audience.

Top motion graphic companies in Kerala , were once concentrated on doing animations, TV adds or other  huge budget projects of companies. 

But now the motion videos have become a vital element of storytelling in digital branding business even for startup companies and every kind of businesses.

Motion Video Ad | Client : Healthy Home , Qatar Voice : English

Motion Video Ad |Client : Healthy Home , QatarVoice : English

The Inventiv Hub यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, ३ जुलै, २०१७

How Motion Videos Boost Digital Marketing?

  • Easy Way Of Storytelling : To tell the idea of business as a memorable story ,motion graphic videos can convey the message faster and make your product or service a popular choice. 


  • Eye Catching Characters :  Consumers always look for new concepts and characters, people will pay more attention to interesting graphic characters and video stories than texts. So videos double the chance of your digital marketing than posters and blogs.
  • Best Social Media content : Organic Facebook engagement is highest with videos, motion videos tend to be the most viral online content and people would like to comment, share , like video within minutes you post it.

After Effects TemplateClassic City Life Logo https://videohive.net/item/classic-city-life-logo-intro/20251599?s_rank=1

The Inventiv Hub यांनी वर पोस्ट केले शुक्रवार, १४ जुलै, २०१७

  • Increase Conversion Rate :  Video content on your landing page can increase conversion rate of audience by 80% according to a recent study. Videos can introduce your company and service in less than a minute than forcing users to read your about us and get convinced.
  • Reduce Bounce Rate : Creative motion graphic videos help visitors to engage more time on your web pages and helps to reduce bounce rate. Thus videos boost up your SEO chances to rank on the top search results.
  • Learn From Videos : Human memory for video is better than image , audio and text. Almost 65% of information will retain on brain , if the idea is convinced through motion graphic videos. You can tell everything about a product or service through videos quickly and concisely.


We know that, what motion graphics provides us  is a multi sensory experience. According to motion graphic companies in Kerala , the demand for motion videos are now higher than previous times , when digital marketing is gaining popularity.

Launch of motion posters for films , brand logo animations and promotional ads utilizes the power of engaging motion videos. We can  feel proud that best graphic designing teams in Kerala are behind the video projects of top brands in UAE and the Middle east.

Logo Intro | Website DevelopmentClient : Wheelme , Irelandwww.wheelme.me

The Inventiv Hub यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, ३ जुलै, २०१७

Audience want elements of entertainment , fun and new information than bulk of database about your brand. So the modern digital marketing companies in India are specializing on infotainment where you get both information and entertainment content. 

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