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SEO: Why You Need a Memorable Domain Name?
  • 04 February 2019

How much will you invest to purchase a good domain name?

The most expensive domain ‘www.carinsurance.com’  is of worth  $49.7 million.

Famous domain name providers like GoDaddy, Google Domains, BigRock, Name, Gandi etc charge an amount of around $6 to 10 million dollars for excellent domains. Now digital branding agencies will assist the entrepreneurs to choose the right domain for establishing a successful business model.  

Why you need a memorable domain?


A domain name is the first step for establishing a remarkable milestone in your customer’s mind.

So today we discuss How to boost the SEO by choosing excellent domains always simple to pronounce, search and remember?

Website name needs certain traits that help marketing agencies to promote and customers to find in easy keyword search.

Tips to choose a memorable domain name

  • Use Keyword: The business service should be reflected in your domain name. If you are an online spice market place, your domain can have names like www.indianonlinespices.com which includes keywords like online spices that signifies the service of business.
  • Keep short and easy to Type: More than complex words customer love simple short domains like Google, Amazon, OLX, YouTube, FaceBook etc. Be specific what your business and name it like they remember and type it without the misspelling.
  • Avoid Numbers and Hyphens: Numbers and hyphens create chaos for ordinary users whether that is numeric or word when they hear your domain name. So purchase domains consumer friendly that anyone can make a search.
  • Choose appropriate domain extensions: Suffixes of your domain say what’s your business. Domain with .com is for commercial general purpose,.biz for business,.org for the organization,.co for company etc. So choose appropriate domain extensions.
  • Research and make sure no other trademarks: When you register your company name and domain make sure no other copyright for your names. Research for unique purposeful names.

Even you can make your domain memorable by targeting your location like ‘.in’ for Indian business,’.ae’ for the Arab Emirates. Thus specific domains can boost your SEO with their qualities.

Stop waiting and start purchasing good domains before someone else owns it. We can help you choose the best domain for your business that satisfies all the SEO requirements and user demands.

Our expert digital marketing team feel happy to assist you in business marketing strategies and teaching how SEO techniques help your startup business to grow as a demanding consumer brand?

To know more about SEO techniques and digital marketing keep reading our blogs.

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