Business analyst was a human being previously in corporate firms, but nowadays large online businesses are analysed by computers and mainly by google analytics program which provide nooks and corner details of your online business website in period wise clear, accurate reporting form.

To have a powerful tool without understanding how to use it, can be dangerous in our decision making and online investments. In order to maximize our knowledge  in our Google Analytics data, it is very important to understand how data is collected and processed.

Benefits of using Google Analytics

Free to Use

The main benefit of google analytics is that it is free of use for any person or business.You can enjoy all the features without any payment or subscription.The only thing you have to do is generate the analytics code for your website and paste it inside the head section of business website code. You can monitor everything from google analytics panel or through the google analytics mobile app.

The premium service google analytics 360, is a paid service by google which can be purchased for large business enterprises which includes more additional features that can boost your business.

Evaluate Website Traffic Flow

With the tool, you can see how your visitors moved through your site, which links they clicked on, and how they made purchases.Help you in maximizing the results of your email marketing campaign and allow to cater to the specific needs and requirements of your customers.

Target Online Visitors 

You can use it to target a niche audience who may be interested in purchasing your products/services.This tool will also provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your site’s traffic rates, conversion, and bounce rates, sessions, number of transactions, including other data.

Goal Setting and Monitoring

Google Analytics allows you to create specific goals depending on your business requirements. You can either choose to create your own custom goals.

Customized Data Reports

Using the tool you can view accurate data from certain locations, gender, and age segments. You can achieve this by creating filters at various levels.You can also exclude your own traffic while visiting your site so as to get accurate information on real visitors.

Targeted campaigns and campaign tracking

Google Analytics can provide you with a detailed analysis of who your visitors are, their location, and how they behave on your site. With this crucial information, you can easily create targeted campaigns with a particular user segment in focus. Google Analytics offers a useful campaign tracking feature that can help you measure which campaigns can drive converting customers.

Know user Searches

If your website consists of several pages and multiple products/services, you will certainly want to know what users are searching and what terms they are using. By having accurate information on what your visitors are searching on your site, you will be in a position to add more targeted content and useful information to improve the user engagement.

Easy to Setup and No Maintenance

All you need is a Google account to set up the Google Analytics tool. The interface is super easy to use and user-friendly. Simply login every time you need to check your site’s progress and performance.You don’t have to worry about maintenance since Google takes care of this and continually enhances the tool’s capabilities by adding advanced features. It’s one of the best data analytics tools on the market right now.

Google analytics and digital Marketing

Google analytics is a great monitoring tool used by top digital marketing companies in India  and abroad. With the information collected through google analytics report they plan strategies for digital marketing for each products and brands. If you start a new business and approach a digital marketing agency to promote your business, good companies in the field of digital marketing will explain the possibilities of digital marketing and explain you how it will workout for your business development plans. Only an expert could convert your google analytics report to a fruitful business campaign and profit making measure, so get in touch with best digital marketing company and update yourself so that the won’t cheat you with new keywords.