Google and Facebook two words z generation people more love. Many of the internet users live on these platforms for personal and official purposes. When I saw an excellent post by digital marketing expert how both these differ on the purpose of branding, would like to share those information for the aspiring digital marketing professionals to sharpen their skills and focus.


Google is about instant results as you type. Branding become successful when your product or company shows top position in Google search whenever the customer search for a particular need.

Add Targeting options in Google

Keywords: Keyword based  targeting helps advertiser’s to get audience based on keywords.

Geo Targeting: Target audience based on Geo location.

Customer Match: Target user with batch of E mail addresses that we upload to Google.

Demographic: Google demographic targeting is less compared to Facebook.

Retargeting:Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website.


Facebook is about brand awareness, as the largest addictive social media you can create brand awareness through the various features of Facebook.

Psychographics: Facebook target ads on users education,workplace and like among others.

Geo Targeting:Geo Targeting is same as Facebook.

Custom Audience: Target audience who have already visited your website.

Demographic: Facebook demographic targeting are extensive and accurate.

Retargeting: Facebook gives more results on retargeting ads than Google.

The study of marketing techniques is endless, as it need updating every second. Facebook and Google are the best tools to boost marketing . Digital marketing companies In India are focusing both organic and paid promotion for branding products. Just like the expert know best time and where to knock door for the better results only best digital marketing agency executes most apt strategy for branding your product in correct manner. Learn digital marketing by doing more experiments with available references and more systematic studying of new approaches.Have a nice time.