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  • What is an Online Campaign?


Online ad campaigns are the set of advertisements that are displayed on different social media platforms regarding a particular product or cause in a specific period of time. These campaigns are initiated to achieve particular business objectives. For example, an IELTS coaching centre is opening a new batch in June, with a strength of 50 students and the admissions are open, if a proper online ad campaign is developed with this information. The customers who see this campaign and are interested will conduct enquiries regarding the class. All these enquiries are lead generations whom the clients will follow up and persuade them for conversion. Once the time limit for admissions is over the campaign becomes invalid. Apart from these specific goals online ad campaigns are also created to:


  • Create Brand awareness of the product

  • Drive sales for the product

  • Generate leads by asking people to sign in for further enquiries.

Popular Types of Online Ad Campaigns

  • Google Adwords Campaign

  • Facebook Advertising Campaign

  • Twitter Ad Campaign

  • Instagram Ad Campaign

  • Linkedin Ad Campaign


The Key Features of Online Ad Campaigns 


  • Campaign Goal: Even Though the ultimate aim of marketing is sales, there are other elements to consider as well. Ad campaigns are generated for long term goals as well as short term goals of achieving an objective at that particular time period.

  • The Target: Once the targeted audience are well defined, it’s easy to do the marketing. The audience is segmented on the basis of their age, gender, marital status, geographical location etc. The marketing strategies of online baby clothes in Ernakulam will definitely target married women in the locality of Ernakulam for more conversions and sales.

  • Means of Advertising: Ad campaigns are generated in social media networks like facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin etc. 

  • Design: The posters and images designed for the campaign have to be attractive enough so that it can draw the attention of the customers. 

  • Analysis: A proper analysis has to be conducted to get an idea about how the campaign is effective in attaining the goals. It is only after the proper analysis further strategies could be planned that would be more effective in the future. 

How can we help you? 

As one of the best online campaign marketing agencies in India, we have planned and executed numerous online advertising campaigns for our clients. 


  • We plan strategies: The experts in our digital marketing team create systematic strategies for attractive online ad campaigns.

  • We design posters: The posters and images that are to be used for the online campaign is designed in the most eye catching way that gains attention of the customers.

  • We launch the campaign: Once all the posters are developed with necessary effects and techniques, we launch the online ad campaign on the social media networks such as facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin etc.

  • We collect data: After the launch of the campaign, we collect the data of the customers who have raised enquiries regarding the matters given in the campaigns. All the queries made by the customers are lead generations which have to be monitored well for greater conversions.

  • We provide the collected data to the client: All the enquiry details are given to the client on a regular basis till the campaign ends. These queries are potential customers to the client, thus they do the necessary follow up to persuade them for the sales. 

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