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Promising Career: Avoid Six Mistakes
  • 11 January 2019

Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.Career is choosing your path for living your own life in this Earth,to establish in a promising career what you have to do avoid this six mistakes.Successful people never regret for their famous failures but all of them regret for giving up a chance they could  do when there was an opportunity.Today we go through the practical mistakes all professionals come across in their career,let’s think how to conquer those mistakes and run to a distinguished wealthy career.

Six Misleading Friends

  • Settling For Less Salary
  • Missing Deadlines
  • Over Working
  • Fear of Networking
  • Giving up Learning
  • Repeating Mistakes


Our career is an average of our friendship,so  relationship with good friends make us more productive and successful.When you are riding through strange roads you may seek the help of Google Maps or expert people about the  ways to reach correct destination.Career is similar and more important than a ride ,because mostly you can’t take U- turns when you fed up at half journey. Plan what’s your ultimate destination and accompany  only encouraging friends to share your journey.A good career in best digital marketing company in India is IT students dream job,but pupil have to prepare themselves for companies to hire them.

1.Settling For Less Salary: “Your salary is the bribe they give to forget your dreams” is the famous lines of Chrisjan Peters. Settling your life for less salary is the first career mistake ,as you can’t raise the figures when you have more financial needs in future.So catch big offers and never settle at any shore without catching up your dream career.

2.Missing Deadlines: Completing  your jobs before deadline means you are eligible for advancing to top careers with more responsibilities. A job done on time is better than hundred jobs finished after deadlines. So never miss deadlines ,plan your job systematically and execute jobs.No career opportunities open up for you in whole life,so understand deadlines like your age, educational qualification,experience in your core field.Missing deadlines means you missing up energy backup for the  rest of career.

3.Over Working: Spending too much time at work, with little time left for yourself to do even the most basic things such as eating properly and taking regular exercise, could make you feel constantly worn-out and demoralized. More than over work ,love your work and enjoy it rather than making it a burden. Hard working employees with good results are appreciated ,so focus on productive works than over working with all non  required jobs you are not suppose to handle.

4.Fear of Networking: A good LinkedIn profile ,with maximum professional networks can help you reach better companies and positions than limited nearby jobs or an unrelated Gulf job.So keep away the fear of keeping good network with all kinds of professionals who could enrich your career to another level.Exhibit an open positive mind towards growing opportunity than limited comforts of travel,accommodation or family.

5.Giving up Learning: No matter what your standing is at your job or in your career, it’s important to continue learning and developing new skills.The digital space is a stock full of new apps, websites and programs for you to learn. Udemy,Coursera are some of the online course providing new career skills ,so never give up learning for career.Only lifetime learners achieve success.

6.Repeating Mistakes: Mistakes are human but not repeating mistakes ,so avoid doing same career mistake more times.Come out with new thoughts and aims to build up strong careers.

Entrepreneurship : An Out of Box Career

Leading a business is an out of box career ,where you may need much extra skills,experience and patience to get a breakthrough.So always move and never settle as an  idle government employee ,grow as much as you can and touch the success sky.

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