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A person without an email address can’t survive in a digital world. Email address is the most widely asked personal communication network in academic forms, work-related forms, social media sign-ups, registration forms etc. It has such high demand because email or electronic mail is the easiest way of sending information; formal as well as informal.

Gmail accounts developed by Google is a free email service provider. One can access Gmail through search engines or mobile app. Everyone casually creates and uses Gmail accounts for different purposes. When everyone has access to emails, an efficient marketing strategy centred on emails can do great on the business brands.

Direct Emails
They communicate promotional messages like special offers, product catalogue etc. directly to the list of customers. These are purely commercial emails, facilitated through email addresses collected by the service companies.
Transactional Emails
They interact with the existing customers of the companies. The recipient of these emails would have previously agreed for email promotions with the company. Transactional emails include order confirmation emails, order tracking emails, reorder emails, refunding mails, password resetting mails etc.

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Why do you need Email Marketing?

Almost all the best digital marketing companies in kerala, India, use email marketing as one of the major marketing strategies. Why? Because even with the rising popularity of social media platforms, email marketing is still one of the best tactics for increasing the lead generation, conversion and revenue. Top benefits of email marketing include:

Customers check their email every day

Almost all people check their email at least once in a day for either personal or work-related purposes. Studies state that people check their inbox 20 times a day. Almost 65% of the Gmail users open new messages in their inboxes, including the marketing messages. Thus, email marketing is providing a brilliant opportunity to get in front of customers regularly.

It’s very cost-effective

When comparing with the traditional marketing strategies, like direct mail or print media, emails are very inexpensive. Along with the low operating costs, email marketing is providing an attractive Return on Investment (ROI), which is a ratio between profit and the initial investment.

It has effective automation campaigns

With the help of email automation tools, we can develop campaigns to send emails automatically on a preset schedule, creating automatic touchpoints with the customers. Emails also come with trigger messages sent to the customers on immediate actions. If the customer suddenly leaves the site from the price page, these campaigns are extremely helpful in reaching back to the customers with further clarifying details regarding the price.

Email Contents can be easily shareable

With proper email marketing strategies, email contents get shared to social media sites and other email accounts. Thus, your quality email contents get shared within family members, friends and colleagues, increasing your reach and generating new leads.

Emails provide a personal touch to your marketing

One of the great benefits of email marketing is that we can personalize the messages sent to the customers. Along with the contents, we can incorporate the names of the customers, which is a form of direct addressing for grabbing attention.

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As one of the best content marketing agency in kerala, we have a qualified team of content writers, who create the most innovative and vital contents for the brands. We tend to follow certain marketing strategies for writing effective contents.

How do we offer Email Marketing Campaigns?

As one of the top digital marketing agencies in India, we provide our best services to our business brands by creating strategic email campaigns for the higher reach, lead generation and sales. How do we offer this email marketing service?

We form a targeted email list

To start a successful email campaign it’s highly necessary to know the desired set of audience who are interested in the brand. The best way to get this shortlisted email addresses is the subscription list on the website. Those who have registered their email IDs are our potential customers who wish to know more. Thus, we get our list of audience.

We set our goals

Once we obtain our targeted list, we decide on our specific aims according to the client’s needs. Emails are either sent to address a new customer or to provide information about new offers, clarifications etc. to the existing customers or to re-engage with a customer who is being inactive at the moment.

We create favourable contents

Once we decide on the type of audience, the purpose of sending mail and the mail type (promotional or transactional or direct mails), we create refined optimized content with the best subject line that will prompt customers to click on the mails. Emails also embed surveys or GIFs or videos for more authenticity.

We design email templates

If the emails look terrible with no creative designs, it will not get enough attention. Thus, we create classic responsive designs for email templates. A perfect combination of text and images make the emails attractive and luring.

We conduct email analytics

We conduct detailed analysis in email marketing. The email metrics include:
* Click Through Rate – It provides information about the percentage of users clicked on the link given on emails.
* Conversion Rate – the count of users who clicked the link vs the ones who have bought the product.
* Bounce Rate – the count of emails sent but not delivered to the recipient.
* List Growth Rate – the favourable rate at which the email list grows.
* Forward Rate – the rate of people who forwarded the mail to others.

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