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Our Web Development Processes and Services

As one of the best web development company in India, we offer our services in the area of website development, which is the foundation step of getting one’s business online. Our talented website developers, designers, content writers etc form an excellent team carefully walking down the different stages in the web developing process. 

Designing and developing are thought to be the basic steps of web development. But in reality, these are the steps that come later. We start our developing processes with a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, which is very crucial in designing further steps accordingly that serve their business better.

Once we are familiar with the client’s needs, we conduct a detailed analysis and research regarding the type of industry, who are the main competitors, the targeted audience, preferable outcomes etc. This research will definitely give insight and knowledge required to develop the most suitable website for greater success.

With the information gained through research, we create a solid plan towards our destination. Developing UX is the major step involved in the planning process. UX will give a clear idea about the project like a wireframe.

Once we are clear with the UX of the website, we create innovative designs for each page. Our creative graphic designers work together to make the website extremely unique and alluring with animations, graphics, logos, different shades of colours etc. Because the designs of the page are extremely important to increase user experience. Fresh and new designs create a first impression in the minds of the audience, which keeps them on the site.

Once the designs are approved, we start processes for website development. There are two kinds of development; Frontend and Backend. Frontend development focuses on the front side of the app seen by the users. Here the formally approved designs are converted into HTML pages with necessary animations and effects. Backend development focuses on the server-side that makes the frontend and user interface into a working web app. It is the development of everything that works under the cover to make the website function effectively.

Once the website is developed we make it undergo certain tests to make sure there are no issues. Functionality test, usability test, compatibility test, performance test etc are some of the tests done by our experts. After the approval of all these tests, the website is deployed.

The real play starts after the deployment of the websites. Further changes and maintenance work according to the customer feedback, website issues and new updates are carried out by our team to sustain the quality of the website.

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