Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

In this technologically thriving world, the necessity to become digitalized is sort of inevitable. In the present era, there is a huge number of customers shopping online for their own convenience, better deals and attractive prices. Thus, getting your business online helps you to have a better exposure in the world of web, with larger customers. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is an essential part in the digital marketing of business websites.

What is SEM?   


Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is a major form of digital marketing that involves the promotion of websites through paid advertising. These paid advertisements of the website usually appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Haven’t you noticed the image ads and text ads that appear on your search result page when you search for something on Google. These ads, often called as pay-per-click ads come up because of the marketing tactics played on the back screen. These ads are extremely vital because they provide an imminent opportunity for the advertisers to display their ads in front of the inspired customers, who are often willing to buy the product as early as possible. These paid ads are very persuasive and an effective tool for converting potential customers.

How do Ads appear on the search results page? 


Before the Ads appear on the search page there are many stages that are undergoing behind. The best SEM marketing companies in India do all these marketing strategies for their business clients. 

  • SEM campaign starts with the keyword research. A detailed study has to be conducted based on the popular keywords searched in relation to the product or service provided by our business. Select the appropriate keywords with high commercial intent. 

  • Next comes the part of Ad Auction. The process of Ad auction starts at the moment someone enters a query on a search engine. There are only certain spaces allotted for the Ads to appear on the page, along with the search results. Thus, all the keyword related Ads cannot be displayed within the limited space. A careful screening process is being conducted on the basis of maximum bidding and quality score of your Ads. 

  • Bid, is the maximum amount of money the advertisers are willing to pay when a user clicks on their Ads. Quality Score estimates the quality of the Ads and the relevance of the keywords. Ads with higher quality can have better ad positions even with lower bid prices. 

  • Once your Ad wins the auction based on the bid and quality score, your Ad will be displayed on the allotted space of the search result pages. This promises greater visibility of your products, and greater sales. 


SEO vs SEM, How are they different?


Search Engine Marketing (SEM), refers to the paid search marketing, where the advertisers are willing to pay the search engines for displaying their Ads on the result pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), here the businesses don’t pay for the clicks on the web pages and the resulting website traffic. They occupy the space on the search results with quality contents and relevant keywords. 

Both SEO and SEM are the fundamental parts of the online marketing strategy. 


With proper SEM campaigns and strategies done by the best SEM marketing agencies in India, results are instant. Pay per Click Ads are the immediate ways to draw traffic into the website. 


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