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Let’s say you have opened a business website,  all you can see are some images placed here and there with nothing written. You would be utterly confused and immediately click/touch the back navigation arrow to bounce back into the search results and venture other websites.  The example stated the point

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a simple term in terms of Digital Marketing. It is one of the founding stones upon which all online businesses flourish. If the search engines cannot spot your website online, what good can come for your business?  Thus, make sure that your brand and

You write and write and write, but if no one reads your content because it’s complicated and unstructured, what good can possibly bring for the efforts you put in? So, writing in chunks and chunks of words, long sentences and paragraphs are not it, you must structure the content and

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term most relevant and frequently heard in digital marketing. Online businesses and their hired SEO specialists form a strategy to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Yes, I said SEO strategy, this might comprise of right or wrong tactics to deceive

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is never an easy task. You have to work smart and hard to option higher ranks in the organic results of prominent search engines. Schema markup is yet another tool in enhancing your brand visibility and results.  If you are new to online business and SEO


The capital city of Australia, Canberra, is a magnificent city with a unique history, alluring landscapes, numerous tourists attractions, modern infrastructure and many many more. Canberra’s history is peculiar in its very core. Canberra grew out of a long-standing dispute between Melbourne and Sydney, making the prominent cities of Australia

The modern era is soo in line with Google that we don’t “search things” anymore, we “Google it”. Yes, that’s how important Google has become in our digital lives, we turn towards it for all our questions, problems, road directions, entertainments … the list goes on and on.  Founded in

A website doesn’t need to stay forever with the same domain. There are times when domains (URLs) need to be changed due to specific reasons like rebranding business or changing the services or looking for a simpler domain name closer to your business goals, etc.  Have you ever thought of

On your way of designing a website, you may stumble upon the question of which one to choose? Single-page or Multi-page web design. Well, it depends on the purpose of your business and its digital marketing strategies, along with fulfilling the user experience goals. Let us know the difference between

Let’s say you walk into a textile shop, you notice the employees immediately asking for the needs, accommodating you the relevant sections and explaining the cloth material, design pattern, recent trends, price rate, etc. persuading us for a fair purchase.  In comparison to the retail shops, who takes the role

Have you been swaying back and forth with the idea of investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), not knowing whether to do it or not? Well, the uncertainty or suspicion exists because you are unaware of the biggest SEO benefits and the range of things it can possibly do for

Beginning with the question of “What is an XML Sitemap?” The answer goes like this, an XML sitemap is precisely a road map of an entire company website that evidently informs Google and other major search engines about the important pages of a site that are available for crawling. Every

From the nearest restaurant details to the international climate information, our search or query list is never ending, extending forever. We probably do all our queries on Google, the digital giant, yet surprisingly there are people in various countries who don’t use Google at all. Here is a list of

Google Analytics, GA, have always been the favourite of online business owners. It is such a powerful analytic tool that imparts an in-depth knowledge about the traffic pattern in your website and mobile application. This free program, intertwined with other Google marketing and advertising platforms is a popular choice in

If you own a local business and think that “how can online media or online advertising help to increase traffic into my store? It is just a waste of time! ” you cannot be more wrong. Because the digital world has many innate powers and capabilities when it comes to

Before jumping onto the online businesses, let us first examine the case of an offline, physical store. How do you know about a hardware store opening this weekend in your neighborhood?  Well, you might have heard about it from your parents, neighbours, friends etc. And how do they know about

Google My Business is often referred to as the backbone of Google Local Search results. Most commonly in Google search results, one can find the listing dialogue box of a local business with their respective address, opening hours and contact information displayed out for the ease and convenience of the

Search engines are more or less the heart of online businesses. Nowadays, if your customers look up your website online and can’t find it, the whole build-up image you created in the mind of your customers goes crashing down from the heights. In this current digital world, websites and search

The basic concept behind local SEO in digital marketing is the urgency to promote local business visibility on location-based Google searches. It ensures that people find your business on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) within the locality search. For example, when a person searches for “restaurants near me” or

GIF without an introduction has become a significant feature of online pubic content, well-known for all social media users. They are these cute graphic pictures impressive than static images, heavily used to convey emotions and sentiments with people at the other end. These GIFs are no longer an exclusive part

Each and every website, small or big, needs proper SEO rankings to stay input in front of valid customers. SEO offers the most organic traffic gained through search engines. When it comes to eCommerce websites the base goal remains the same, yet you need to play different tactics to win

Coronavirus is most certainly giving a hard time for all human beings around the world in their personal and professional lives. It has put an end to our social lives and keeps us locked within houses for a greater good of limiting community spread. Covid 19 outbreak has a very

YouTube is undoubtedly the most visited video-sharing platform in the world with authentic, original and quality video contents. YouTube contains videos relating to anything and everything you are ever in search for. Statistical analysis states that more than 500 hours of contents are being uploaded into YouTube in every single