Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

The world we live in is getting digitalized in every alternative second. With the newest technologies, social media sites, GPS systems, artificial intelligence etc the digital world is booming in with an accelerating pace. Our future is undoubtedly digital. Thus, a life without a digital space is nearly impossible in the coming years. The world of work, education, businesses etc are going online to reach a wide number of customers with minimum effort. Businesses use digital marketing strategies to expand their reach and visibility. SEO is an important tool in digital marketing in bringing traffic to the websites.

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process of optimizing a website for greater visibility in web search engine. The main aim of search engine optimization is to get more traffic into the website from various resources and to turn them into potential customers. Optimizing a website will include many processes including editing the contents, adding new relevant contents and modifying HTML in connection to the specific keywords searched in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. The most important matter to note is that this type of optimization aims to improve the unpaid results, that is, it helps to optimize the website for free search engine results. For a proper Search Engine Optimization it is necessary to understand how search engines work. 

How do search engines work? 

Search engines work as answering machines, whatever it being searched for in a search engine is answered immediately with numerous search engine result pages (SERPs) within a second. What is actually happening behind, when a search is carried out? There are three processes happening before the search result appears, they are:

  • Crawling: This is the discovering process in which the search engine employs its crawlers or spiders to search for the web pages and links that has the contents regarding the keywords being searched for.
    • Indexing: This is the stage where all the web pages brought by the crawlers are being organized according to their relevance.
  • Ranking: Here the web pages or contents are arranged from the most relevant to the least relevant in connection with the searcher’s query. 

It is this final rank list that will appear on the different search engine result pages (SERPs). 

What do we offer? 

We are a team of innovative people who provide professional digital services to our clients. As one of the best SEO marketing agencies in India, we have around 250+ clients across the globe. We have expert developers, graphic designers, content writers, who work with dedication and professionalism for good results. Our team is specialized in combining technology and art with atmost creativity. We merge our technological and artistic talents to create, build, optimize and promote our clients online businesses. Our result oriented efforts, our presence across the globe and years of service for our delightful clients adds up as the testimony of our successful venture. 

How does SEO influence search results? 

Consider an example of a user searching the keyword, “homemade chocolates” on Google or Yahoo or Bing or any other search engine. The search engine crawls, indexes and ranks different web pages and at last displays certain websites of online homemade chocolate stores arranged on different SERPs. The common tendency found in the users is that they open the websites displayed on the first page and ignore the rest of the pages. So, unless the website of your business gets within the top listings, you may not get any customers onboard. This is where the relevance of SEO comes in. 

As a business person, if you want to start your services online, it is important that you approach the best SEO marketing companies in India, because they employ different strategies and criterias to promote your business and extend your reach to larger online potential customers. Search engine optimization (SEO), is among the best and effective services provided by these agencies.

SEO has different stages in its process they are:

    •  Technical SEO: This is the stage in which we are optimizing the website of the online business for the crawling and indexing phase of search engines. This stage has nothing to do with the actual contents but instead they focus on the infrastructure of the website. Helping the search engines to access, crawl and index without any difficulties. Optimised codes have to be formed for our web pages to be recognised by the crawlers. 
    • On Page SEO: Here the optimization is focused on the elements on the website for better ranking. Elements on the site would include the contents, titles, URLs, descriptions etc that are optimized to match the keywords and queries of the searcher. 
  • Off Page SEO: Here optimization is done to improve user’s as well as search engine’s perception regarding the site’s popularity, authenticity, relevance etc. This is accomplished by other platforms on the internet that links or promotes the website as external sources. Building backlinks is an important factor in off page SEO. Search engines usually see backlinks as indications of wider popularity and good quality. Thus, sites with high backlinks are likely to rank higher. Guest Blogging is another significant part. Blogs written by people about a website makes the site more authentic.

According to the studies, it is said that there are over 3.5 billion search queries per day in Google search engine. How much would be the rate when all the queries in all search engines are combined. This huge number proves the importance and need to get your business digitalized. Because with proper SEO and other digital marketing strategies these random searchers could be converted into potential customers. 

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