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We often notice the text Ads and image Ads that appear on our search result pages. Have you ever thought about how the Ads appear on our search pages? We may even think that it’s such a coincidence, because the ads that appeared are perfectly related to the query we made. It’s like Google reads your mind. Let’s cut the slack directly. It is no mere coincidence, Google actually knows !!! The Ads that appear on your search result pages are shown only after carefully planned Ad campaigns. These Ads are often termed as Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads.

What is PPC Advertising? 

Pay per click, or Cost per click Ads are the advertisements designed to enhance the website traffic. Here the advertisers or the business owners are willing to pay an amount for every single click by the users. Every click on the Ad is indeed individual entries into their website, who can be converted into potential customers. Google Ads, Bing Ads etc are the well known PPC Ads. The advertisers will only have to pay the amount if someone clicks on the Ad not for its mere display. The amount the advertisers are willing to pay is termed as ‘bid’. Bidding value often increases with the type of business and the revenue gained from the customers. Bidding value of an online gold store will certainly be higher than the bid of an online dress store, because if one user who enters the website through PPC Ads is converted as a customer, the gold store earns much greater than a dress store. 

Benefits of PPC Advertising 

Studies have proved that pay per click advertising is one of the major sources for on page conversions of search engine users. An average of 65% users, who are looking for a product or a service online, click on these Ads displayed on the search result pages. The more urgent the shopper is, it’s easy to convert them into favourable customers. Here is why you should do pay per click advertising.


  • They are your first options: Imagine a situation when you walk into a shoe store and you first see the shoe that you came searching for. It is the same thing happening in the case of paid Ads. When you search for a product or service, the PPC ads come in above the organic results. Thus, the user clicks on the ads and gets converted immediately. Thus, the results are immediate in case of PPC advertising.
  • They pull quality traffic: Another important benefit of PPC advertising is that, here we are not in need to push out our advertisements in front of uninterested people for the popularity and brand awareness. All the customers are indefinitely searching for the product or the service that you are willing to offer, thus paid ads are pulling quality traffic into the websites who are more likely to convert. 
  • They increase your sales and revenue: The more the paid ads pull traffic into the website, we get more sales and sales come with money earnings.
  • This advertising is measurable: In this kind of advertising, we can measure the money spent and returned on campaign. There are also provinces to track the number of conversions happening, which are very much helpful for future advertising strategies. 
  • They are not dependent on SEO or Google Algorithm changes: Organic listings are more dependent on optimization and algorithm changes, but paid ads are more on the numbers, the amount spent and returned. Thus, they are less risky than organic results.
  • They increase customer attribution:  Attribution is actually the number of times the customers encounter your brand. The more they come in contact, the more conversions will certainly happen. PPC advertising provides more these touch points than any other forms of advertising.
  • They help you fight the competitors: Almost all of your competitors will be involved in PPC advertising, if you haven’t started forming the strategies yet begin it now itself. Because without paid ads, you can’t get enough traffic on your website. No traffic would mean no conversions, no conversions means no sales, no sales means no money. So, contact the best pay per click management agencies to get your ad campaign started. 



How do we launch a PPC campaign ? 

Pay per click campaign is a very strategic form of internet advertising conducted by our finest experts on behalf of the business brands. As one of the top PPC companies in India, we assign certain dedicated specialists for doing the PPC campaign through the different steps involved. 

  • Proper research is done to find the relevant keywords for the brand. We use the help of Google Adwords Keyword Planner to know the keywords with maximum search traffic.
  • While organising the appropriate keywords, we also include negative keywords which are attractive enough but don’t serve our purpose. This helps the search engine crawlers to narrow down the results.
  • The bid amount is being fixed according to the preference of the advertiser or the business owner. 
  • Research about the field competition is carried out to know the strategies of the competitors.
  • According to the bidding and quality score of our brand we enter in an Ad auction the very moment someone searched for our product online. Whoever wins the auction, can display their PPC ad on the search result page as text ad or image ad.
  • The ad displayed on the page is well designed with a catchy headline, description lines, call to action words like call now, book now, buy, prices etc..and the URL of the website.
  • The catchy script and action words displayed will prompt the user to click on the URL.
  • We make sure that the users will not be directed to the homepage of the website, but to the product page that is being searched for. A compelling landing page is created that influences the customer to buy the product, increasing the sales and revenue of the brand. 
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