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5G world Life: Technology and Digital Transformation
  • 09 January 2019

How can we  download an HD movie with in a second? A fast moving world need more faster data networks to satisfy new generation queries.Let’s hope our future life will be in a 5G world where ten times quick network connection waves travel around us to meet our needs within seconds.

Evolution From  1G to 5G

Initially  made cellular phones followed 1G Networks ,Text messaging phones depended on 2G networks,Phones with a basic internet facility moved to 3G networks and all the current phones with faster internet streaming is working on 4G networks.And  5G is currently on the womb or research labs which can make anything done in world with your finger tip.

5G Digital Transformation

High Internet Speed: 5G will revolutionize the mobile experience with supercharged wireless network, which can support up to 10 to 20 GBPS of data download speed. It is equivalent to a fiber optic Internet connection accessed wirelessly. Compared to conventional mobile transmission technologies, voice and high-speed data can be simultaneously transferred efficiently in 5G.

Benefit Entertainment Industry:Live events can be streamed via wireless network with high definition. HD TV channels can be accessed on mobile devices without any interruptions. Entertainment industry will hugely benefit from 5G wireless networks.

HD virtual reality games are getting popular and many companies are investing on VR based gaming. High speed 5G network can offer better gaming experience with high speed Internet.

Internet of Things Applications: Internet of Things will connect every objects, appliances, sensors, devices and applications into Internet.IoT applications will collects huge amount of data from millions of devices and sensors.5G is the most efficient candidate for Internet of Things due to its flexibility, unused spectrum availability and low cost solutions for deployment.

IoT Applications:

  • Smart Home
  • Health care and  critical Applications
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Drone operation
  • Smart Cities
  • Logistics and Shipping
  • Fleet management
  • Smart Farming etc

5G technology will support medical practitioners to perform advanced medical  procedures with reliable wireless network connected to another side of the globe.People with chronic medical conditions will benefit from smart devices and real-time monitoring. Doctors can connect with patients from anywhere anytime and advice them when necessary. Scientists are working on smart medical devices which can perform remote surgery.

Five New Technologies of 5G

1.Millimeter Waves: Millimeter wave (also millimeter band) is the band of spectrum between 30 gigahertz (Ghz) and 300 Ghz. Researchers are testing 5G wireless broadband technology on millimeter wave spectrum.

2.Small cell:Small cells bring network closer to user, where and when needed.

3.Massive MIMO: Massive multiple-input, multiple-output, or massive MIMO, is an extension of MIMO, which essentially groups together antennas at the transmitter and receiver to provide better throughput and better spectrum efficiency.

4.Beamforming: Beamforming is a traffic-signaling system for cellular base stations that identifies the most efficient data-delivery route to a particular user, and it reduces interference for nearby users in the process.

5.Full Duplex: 5G full duplex schemes for simultaneous transmission and reception on a single channel.

Prepare to Live In a 5G world

We can expect the arrival of 5G in upcoming years,some countries  are already using 5G for testing purposes.The countries that expect to adopt 5G technology soon are South Korea,Japan,China and USA.Indian   Digital

Digital Marketing agencies which is currently established  on limited technology can grow further to greater dimensions through 5G technology. Industry experts and technicians are on great expectation about 5G ,let’s wait and see the magical 5G revolutionizing your world.



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