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Social Media Websites began as the forum for the individuals or a group of individuals to interact with each other, communicate and build relationships online- locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. How many of you can find a person who doesn’t have an account on trending social media sites like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc ? It’s nearly impossible to find such a person unless he/she is born before 1950s. According to the studies, 449 United States dollars is the revenue of Facebook in every single second, which is roughly converted as 32,000 Rupees. This is the amount gained by Facebook in one single second. Lately Facebook has bought Whatsapp and Instagram!!!  One social media website buying two other trending social medias with its huge earnings. Figures of daily traffics drawn and the revenue earned by these social media sites testifies the power and influence it holds in the world, both virtually and physically. Thus, marketing on the trending social medias can be a great way of recognition and awareness of your business sites and products. 

What is Social Media Marketing?

The answer to that question lies on the words itself. Social Media marketing (SMM), is the use of social media platforms for marketing the business websites. In this fast developing world, giving a social media touch to the business will only improve your business by reaching a wide range of audience and increases sales thereby. 

The best social media marketing companies publish different kinds of contents, images, posters and videos in social medias for the promotion of their client’s business websites. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The very first thing to do is to create accounts in all the social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. Once the business account page is created in the media, it gets more visibility among the users.


  • Social media can provide targeted reach: While creating accounts in social media we give our basic information while filling the forms. These are pieces of information that can turn us into a targeted audience. For example, If you have a business of cosmetic products, the target audience will surely be women between the age of 20-45. The age and gender information provided in social media help us to narrow our target audience. The information provided, the posts shared in the past or pages liked are all taken into account while targeting the audience.
  • Social Media provides a platform for less expensive marketing: Online marketing campaigns are less expensive than traditional forms of marketing, as in print media- newspapers, magazines, periodicals, visual media and radio. Social media helps your business to grow at its own pace, at lower costs. And it reaches a wider audience as compared to the other media as well, leading to increased conversions and larger economic investments.  
  • Social Media can Boost your brand awareness: Social media is a powerful tool that can get any news or contents or posters viral within minutes. Social media helps a business by showcasing the brand in front of the users. By increasing the digital exposure, the brand awareness spreads, that indeed boosts traffic in the sites. Social media marketing has been very efficient in persuading the daily users. 
  • Social Media provides a platform for two way communication: Traditional marketing techniques like brochures, fliers, Ads on print media etc. are one sided communications where the information is provided, the customer can’t have further clarifications. Whereas in social media marketing strategies, the customers can have a two way communication with the representative of the company on the social media page. The customers can also provide valid feedback on the products that are being purchased, which are beneficial for the future customers as well. 
  • Social Media has no geographical boundaries: All kinds of traditional marketing are restricted to their locations. Whereas social media has no boundaries, no one can stop from the posters or contents reaching people and customers across the globe. This can certainly increase traffic and sales. 



Our social media strategies 

As one of the best social media marketing agencies in India, we provide an active presence of our business brands in all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. We have a well defined social media marketing strategy while working for our customers. 


  • Planning and Publishing: We have an expert team of employees who work with the business brands to understand their objectives and priorities. On the basis of the brand objectives we plan ahead to build proper contents that has to be published at the right timing and in frequent intervals. Frequent updates of contents can maximize the reach to a wider audience.
  • Listening and Engagement: With proper content and poster updations we increase the business brand awareness among the social media users. This will indeed increase talk about the brand. We monitor these social media conversations about our brands with the help of listening and engaging tools. We make changes on our strategies according to the responses heard from monitoring the conversations. 
  • Analytics: We often perform a detailed analysis on the effectiveness of our social media marketing. We also conduct an analysis on a monthly basis, to see how we have improved our reach in the social media from the previous month. We look at the number of people who have used our hashtags while posting on social media. All these datas are carefully analysed to develop innovative strategies in the future. 



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